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Melbourne VIC Australia
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A Neighbours Night is not a few beers & a barbie at the nighbours place. It is a great night of fun & entertainment down at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow with the stars of neighbours & their fans from all over.

If you have never heard of neighbours then you did not grow up in Australia or New Zealand & have never watched TV in Ireland or the UK. So you are either from Canada, the USA or the dark side of the moon.

Neighbours is a half hour show 5 nights a week based around Ramsey Street. Find out all about it at the official website or the fans site You can also tour Ramsey street with the Neighbours Tour

Anyway back to the Neighbours Night, I had heard about it & some mates keep telling me to come down so I finally got a free monday night & dropped in. The last time I watched neighbours was back when Kylie, Jason & Guy Pearce were on it so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

They open the doors at 6.30pm & everything kicks off at 8pm – its worth getting there before 8pm to make sure you get a table.

The night starts off with George the Backpacker King getting the crowd warmed up & going around the room doing an intro & seeing how many different nationalities have shown up. I was surprised there were a few. Also Guys note there were a lot more girls than guys in the crowd.

Then it was time for the stars to come out, I didn’t know most of them – could be because a couple of the characters had actually been killed off on the programme. There were 5 stars in all.

The crowd went nuts when each of them came out. Something that amazed me is the stars just walked through the crowd to the stage, no entering stage right to avoid the fans. They were there to have fun with the fans.

George had a few questions that had been filled out by the crowd when they arrived to ask the stars. Make sure you ask a question but be prepared to be pointed out before the question is asked.

Some of the questions were a bit cheeky but the neighbours stars handled them with no problems.

The actor who plays Dr Karl summed it up well. He said he often gets asked does he get tried of doing public events. His reply is that all week he works in the studio with the cast & crew but no fans, coming to the neighbours night is the best night of the week for him because he gets to meet the fans & see how much they enjoy the show.

After a few more questions it was time for Safari Pete to kick off the first trivia session. I hooked with up with a happy couple & talked a couple of other cute irish backpackers to joint us. Thankfully not to many of the questions were neighbours based so it gave me a chance & the girls from ireland were big fans so they answered the neighbours questions.

In between the trivia sessions there are some chances to win some more prizes such as trips to The Great Ocean Road Watch out for Pete he will make you work for it, there was singing & dancing & a great prize for two single people but as we found out the the first girl who said she was single really wasn’t when she found out what was involved in winning the prize. Nothing to bad but the boyfriend may not have approved.

During the trivia & other fun & games the neighbours stars were doing the rounds of the tables. No need to chase after them they all came to us. I was amazed at how relaxed they were. Easy to chat to & happy to pose for pictures & sign stuff. It was nothing like what you expect from all the hollywood stars & gossip mags. These guys & gals were just enjoying a night out with the fans & the Fans loved it.

Once the trivia was over & we hadn’t won it was time for another drink while the stage was cleared so Dr Karl & his band could set up to rock the night away.

If you are not a neighbours fan you will still have a good time but if you are a neighbours fan you will have a blast at the neighbours night. Infact some people come back several times during their stay in melbourne.

If you are not able to get to melbourne don’t worry they also do the neighbours night in sydney once a month – check the website for dates.


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